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Standing Up for Choice

by Fern

On Tuesday, January 30, a dozen activists including members of the Women's Action Team, Revel Alliance, and the Ruckus Society took over Market Street in downtown San Francisco with a 30-foot banner reading "Save Choice, Stop Ashcroft."

The coalition was galvanized by the nomination and ubsequent confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General for the United States. Ashcroft is a staunch conservative who is against abortion (even in the case of rape and incest), contraception, gay rights, and the rights of people of color.

The group marched from Yerba Buena Center chanting, "We are the women of choice, and we will not be gagged," "You can't take our reproductive rights away," and "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Ashcroft has got to go!"

The spirited protest was greeted by cheers and honks of support from bystanders. One man joined the group mid-march, and a number of people asked about participating in future actions.

Now is the time to act to save our rights! Over a hundred ideas for nonviolent direct action are listed on the Rainforest Action Network website ( in the Activist Corner section. Form an affinity group and take action!

Round-the-clock information regarding women's right to choose is available at

Fern is active with Women's Action Team, Revel Alliance, and Ruckus Society.