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Saving Salt Spring Island

by Karen Clark

In recent issues, RQ has followed the efforts of residents of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, to save their home from wholesale logging by Texada Corporation. Karen Clark updates readers on victories and setbacks of recent months. For back-ground, visit

It is so quiet here, and I am realizing more and more that the true luxuries in life are clean air, quiet, beautiful surroundings... all of which I am immersed in here on Salt Spring Island.

I have amazing, heart-warming, inspiring news about the logging of our island. A first breakthrough has happened — a parcel of precious eco-sensitive land has been sold at fair market value to one of the environmental trust organizations interested in protecting Salt Spring. The piece of land contains the largest Gary Oak meadow in North America.

I have been doing some amazing magic around Texada, opening and speaking to the deeper seed in the men that hold the destiny of our island in their hands. Most of these men are wily, worldly, political, self-interested robber barons of one sort or another. This magic of seeing something deeper in them, calling to them from my depth and the depth of the other women who have joined me in this magic, has been immensely healing.

Lady Godiva Joins the Fight

Lady Godiva took to the streets of Vancouver's business section this fall, wearing only a blonde wig and beige panties, followed by an honour guard of five bare-breasted women. Lady Godiva has brought new power, momentum and hope to our community, as well as huge amounts of media attention and scrutiny. Truly inspired Goddess/women direct action! The press was out in droves, and this has got things moving. Eco-sensitive packages are being negotiated right now, and the Federal and provincial governments may create a national park in one of the most beautiful and sensitive parts of Texada holdings. The grand vision of saving all the land is no longer possible, but if we protect key parcels and our watershed that would be a victory indeed.

Sunshine reflected in the raindrops in the branches of the trees surrounding my house taught me that they are the precious diamonds, the precious gifts and bounty that Spirit leaves us every moment of our life. They are fleeting, they are beautiful and they feed us in the deepest parts of our being, if we are but present to receive, gracious enough to honour, and wise enough to be change.

I am off to do magic tonight in the last old grove stand on the island — the latest area that is being targeted for destruction. May our prayers and power protect the few remaining elder trees on our island.

Calendar Update

Thirteen thousand copies of "Saltspring Women Preserve and Protect" were sold in less than four months! $100,000 has been donated to purchase secondary watershed land and sensitive Gary Oak meadows.

You can support Salt Spring Island by ordering copies of the calendar, "Salt Spring Women Preserve and Protect," a powerful example of the magic of community of dreaming a new world into being. The calendar features lovely sky-clad eco-warrioresses of this island — women aged 18 to 74 that have put their energy, creativity, hearts and bodies in the forefront of our community's efforts to save our forests. $19.95 Canadian from