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Dreaming Ritual

A frog trills across the flat glass
surface of the Guadalupe River.
Night enfolds daylight
in East Texas hill country,
at the Dandelion Gathering,
witches' reunion.

Venus brightens
as light fades from the sky.
Let the ritual begin.

Down in the hall, under the tree,
Is, Was, and Shall Be.
Come weird sisters, swoop to the ground,
loosen the web that binds us down.

The community, a crystal net
of interwoven stars,
is like a dandelion.
Blow on it when ripe;
cast star seeds into the world.
Is this the time?
What does the world ask of us?
What are we willing to give?
Hold these questions in the circle.

Within the hall, separate,
move from the center to the four directions.
Choose North, the path of Earth,
or East the source of wind.
Turn South to kindle fire,
or flow West, towards the river.

I am breathing, I am open, I am willing
I am stepping out into the unknown
I am walking, though uncertain, I am willing
To listen to the yearning of my soul

All night lie in your compass points,
heads together.
Dreamers dream.
When first light unfolds morning
spoken by a multitude of birds,
cardinal, chickadee, sparrow, and dove,
rise from your dreams.

Share the stories
of your nighttime journey.
Draw your visions in bright colors.
North, East, South and West,
come to the circle, speak your dreams.
Divine the answers to the questions.
Be again the dandelion,
before the seeds are scattered.

By the Earth that is Her body
By the Air that is Her breath
By the Fires of Her bright spirit
And by the Waters of Her living womb
The circle is open but unbroken.

Sylvia Patience

(The three chants are by Beverly Frederick, Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney & Todd Herriot, and from Feri Tradition) is a developing experiment -- give us your feedback! Write us at

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