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    Photo - June 2004 Reclaim the Commons action in San Francisco

    Grassroots Roundup

    With the mainstream media routinely neglecting its mission to gather news that actually makes a difference in people's daily lives, RQ turns to alternative sources of information. Newsletters of grassroots activist groups are one source untainted by corporate profiteering. Despite their small circulation, these newsletters are often the most comprehensive account of the issues on which they focus.

    Here is a sampling of recent stories from the grassroots media:

    U.S. Government Seizes Indymedia Servers - US authorities issued a federal order to English webserver Rackspace ordering them to hand over information hosted on Indymedia web servers to the FBI. Rackspace, which provides hosting services for more that 20 Indymedia sites at its London facility, complied by turning over two Indymedia servers to federal authorities, effectively removing those sites from the internet. However, most indymedia sites have continued to operate. Get the full story at

    Nuclear Relapse in Central Europe - in the Nuclear Monitor, published by the Nuclear Information and Resource Center of Washington, DC. "While many look to France, Finland, and the US for the first signs of a possible nuclear resurgence," NIRS says, "few are aware of the push forward the nuclear industry is trying to make in Central Europe." Contact, (202) 328-0002.

    US Bio Defense, Bio Offense - in Citizen's Watch, published by the TriValley CAREs of Livermore, CA. "The line between 'biodefense' and offensive bioweapons development is exceedingly thin. Programs to create new bioweapons often involve experiments to genetically modify and aerosolize pathogens." Contact, (925) 443-7148.

    Coal Plant Shot Down - in the Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination Clearinghouse Newsletter, published in Lake, MI. "The city planning commission received a standing ovation when it voted to strike down plans for a coal bruning power plant... Hundreds of people from across the region gathered at various public meetings in recent months to speak for or against the $700 million project." Contact, (989) 544-3318.

    We are the Sacrifice: Coalfield Citizens Speak Out for Protecting Water, Homes - in Balancing the Scales, published by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth in London, KY. "KFTC members spoke out passionately and forcefully at a March 30 public hearing, defending their homes, their communities, and their future. 'Let's be honest. We are the sacrifice to be able to turn on the lights,' said Randy Wilson of Clay County. 'Our streams, our lives, our mountains - we are the sacrifice.'" Contact (606) 878-2161.

    RQ's website carries highlights of grassroots news, and links you to community and regional organizations working for a safer, healthier planet. Who knows - the next story could come from your backyard. Visit and click on the "grassroots news" link on the left.

    Want to recommend a grassroots story to RQ? Email us at, or mail a copy of the newsletter to RQ, PO Box 14404, San Francisco, CA 94114.

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