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    RQ Review

    The Great Blues Sea

    by Brook

    We say we're Earth-based Pagans, but when it comes to our music, it's often long on the inspiration of air and fire, and short on "earth."

    That's why I had to like a Pagan CD that is not only firmly grounded in traditional blues - but includes covers of songs by Elmore James and Muddy Waters. Earth-based, indeed.

    The highlight of The Great Blues Sea is not so much particular songs, but the rootsy blues guitar of singer-songwriter Brook. Brook has had a hand as musician and producer on a number of Reclaiming CDs, including Let It Begin, the soundtrack to the Spiral Dance ritual. This is his first solo venture, where he gets the space to open up on guitar. From finger-picked acoustic ragtime to wailing electric bottleneck blues, this is a first-rate guitar recording.

    The songs are well-crafted, with a mix of personal, political, and Pagan lyrics. My favorite number is "Summerland," a tongue-in-cheek look at the afterlife. The CD could use a little more of this wry humor in dealing with its heavyweight topics.

    If you're looking for "earthy" Pagan music, this is the CD for you. You can hear song-samples and order the CD from

    Reviewed by Bill Dewey. is a developing experiment -- give us your feedback! Write us at

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