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Reclaiming alchemists have succeeded in digitalizing our chants!

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New from Reclaiming!

Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth

"It's so wonderful to have this new recording of some of our favorite chants - including
a few that I wrote! What a great resource for all who love ritual!" - Starhawk

Hear samples, see songlist, and more - visit the Campfire Chants web page

Chants, Songs, and Trances from Reclaiming

Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth

Campfire Chants - our latest release! 17 beautiful and inspiring songs perfect for rituals, circles, birthdays - and for singing along!

Join us around the witchcamp bonfire for an hour of music written by folks like Starhawk, Suzanne Sterling, T. Thorn Coyle, and Laurie Lovekraft.

The mixed-voices chorus features acoustic arrangements accompanied by conga, guitar, fiddle, flute, clarinet, and even a ukelele!

Songs include: Weave and Spin; My Soul; We Are the Rising Sun; Let the Beauty We Love; Rising of the Moon; Circle Round the Balefire; Sweet Water; and more - over an hour of magical music.

Free downloadable booklet with lyrics, guitar and ukelele chords, stories and legends about the chants, and more.

Visit our Campfire Chants web page to hear samples, see a list of artists and songs, download booklet, order bulk copies, etc. Amazon also has great samples.

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Chants: Ritual Music

This popular 1987 recording features chants taught through Reclaiming's classes and rituals, many of which are now familiar to Pagans around the globe. Includes 21 great chants in all, performed by a small chorus with some hand drumming. All lyrics included.

Song titles: The Beginning of the Earth; Touching Her Deep; Air I Am; Rise With the Fire; Snake Woman; Goddess Medley; We Are the Flow; Silver Shining Wheel; Where There's Fear There's Power; Hecate, Cerridwen; Return to the Mother; Born of Water; Air Moves Us; Water and Stone; We All Come from the Goddess/Hoof and Horn; Kore Chant; Sun King; We Are Alive.

Listen to samples from Chants: Ritual Music - downloads available at CDBaby, iTunes etc

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Witches' Brew: Songs and Chants from the Reclaiming Cauldron

This beautiful compilation features songs by over a dozen Reclaiming teachers and musicians. A "greatest hits" collection, this CD is a musical journey through Reclaiming's many facets.

The selections range from traditional Reclaiming chants, to meditational instrumentals, to classic three-minute pop songs. Some of these artists you'll know from past recordings. Others you'll be hearing for the first time.

Among the artists are Beverly Frederick, Brook, Crow, Danielle Rosa, David Miller & the Honky Tonk Communists, Evelie Delfino Sales Posch, Evergreen Erb, Green & Root, Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney, Moonrise, Skyclad, Suzanne Sterling, and T. Thorn Coyle.

Listen to samples from Witches' Brew - downloads available at CDBaby, iTunes etc

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Let It Begin Now: Music from the Spiral Dance

In 1979, Reclaiming held the first public Spiral Dance ritual, to celebrate Samhain (Halloween), and the publication of Starhawk's book The Spiral Dance. Since then, the Spiral Dance ritual has steadily evolved, most profoundly by the inclusion of beautiful original music. These 11 songs and chants from Reclaiming's Spiral Dance ritual are played in a variety of musical styles, from a capella to full choral arrangements with complex instrumentals. A ritual in itself, this 1992 recording captures as much of the magic of our yearly ritual extravaganza as would fit in the studio!

Song titles: Spirits; Lyke-Wake Dirge; The Guardian Song; No End to the Circle (Goddess Invocation); Honor to the Untamed God; The God Song; Set Sail; The Gates; Let It Begin Now; No End to the Circle (Devocation); Demeter's Song.

Listen to samples from Let It Begin Now - downloads available at CDBaby, iTunes etc

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Second Chants: More Ritual Music

This recording, produced in 1994, has many wonderful chants and songs from Reclaiming's classes, summer intensives, and rituals.

Arranged with teaching in mind, yet musically varied with a host of instruments. Strong production values make this album a consistent best seller. Many of these songs are still heard in rituals and at witchcamps.

Song titles: The Fool; Circle Casting Song; The Awakening; Rhiannon; I Am But One; His Mystery; Sparks; Free the Heart/Powerful Song; Harvest Chant; Barge of Heaven; Inanna; Return of the Goddess; Wings; Who Is She; When We Are Gone.

Listen to samples from Second Chants - downloads available at CDBaby, iTunes etc

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Way to the Well: A Trance Journey for Empowerment with Starhawk

Way to the Well is a Neo-Pagan drum-trance journey led by priestess and teacher Starhawk. The trance explores your personal place of power and takes you on a journey to a series of life-mirroring wells. This 50-minute recording is a complete ritual in the Reclaiming tradition.

Starhawk: "This recording was my first attempt to produce a drum story, one of my favorite ritual forms. It developed out of standard guided meditations, which over the years began to seem too passive. So in my circles and workshops we began adding elements - first sounding and chanting, then the drum, later movement and dance. Now I think of these drum stories as free-form improvisational poems, a type of theater in which the listener becomes the protagonist and faces an opportunity for transformation. This story focuses on power; the three wells let us encounter power-from-within, power-over, and collective power to heal and nurture."

The music is simple hand-drumming accompanied by a chorus featuring Anne Hill and Suzanne Sterling. The recording was engineered by Joe Hoffman and produced by Jodi Selene. The digital reissue was coordinated by Reclaiming Quarterly with permission of the artists and producer.

RQ unearthed this 1991 drum-trance featuring Starhawk as part of our archives research. We digitalized the cassette tape, and offer it as a digital download for just $3 at CDBaby (prices vary at other sites).

Listen to a sample from Way to the Well - downloads available at CDBaby, iTunes etc

Sorry, this recording not available on CD - but offer us a bribe and maybe we'll burn you one!

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CD Prices to US Addresses

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Lyrics to 100 Reclaiming chants - The Witchcamp Chantbook

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