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Now available from iTunes and CD Baby

Reclaiming Music CDs

available from RQ

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Reclaiming has issued three CDs of music from rituals and classes. Many of these chants and songs are now familiar to Pagans around the globe.

Chants: Ritual Music - this album features chants taught through Reclaiming's classes and rituals. 21 great chants in all, performed by a small chorus with some hand drumming. All lyrics included.

Let It Begin Now: Music from the Spiral Dance - these 11 songs and chants from Reclaiming's Spiral Dance ritual are played in a variety of musical styles, from a capella to full choral arrangements with complex instrumentals.

Second Chants: More Ritual Music - this versatile recording has many wonderful new chants and songs from Reclaiming's classes, Witchcamps, and rituals. All lyrics included.

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Now available from iTunes and CD Baby

Witches' Brew

Songs and Chants from the Reclaiming Cauldron

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This incredible new compilation features recent songs by a dozen Reclaiming teachers and musicians. A virtual "greatest hits" collection, this CD is a musical journey through Reclaiming's many facets. Included are chants you can use in classes and rituals, meditational instrumentals, and beautiful songs field-tested at Witchcamps and rituals. All lyrics included.

Among the artists are:

Beverly Frederick
Danielle Rosa
David Miller & the Honky Tonk Communists
Evergreen Erb
Green & Root
Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney
Suzanne Sterling
T. Thorn Coyle

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