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Reclaiming Quarterly encourages people to submit articles, letters, or graphics related to political, pagan or spiritual issues and happenings. Submissions via email make our job simpler, but typed articles are welcome.

We may edit for length, spelling, punctuation, grammar and readability; we do not alter poetry.

While we are pleased to print letters or articles on ethics, we will not print personal charges or countercharges.

RQ particularly welcomes photographs—of events, of direct actions, of nature—please contact us if you are a photographer!

All submissions, whether we print them or not, eventually find their way into our cauldron, so keep copies for yourself. Please do not ask us to return them.

Submissions are due on or before the deadline, which is the cross-quarter sabbats (i.e., Samhain for Winter, Brigid/Imbolc for Spring, etc.).