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Starhawk on New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina

International perspectives on the disaster - UK Guardian

Reclaiming's Disaster Relief Fund

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the gulf coast region, Reclaiming decided to set up a relief fund, so that our community could directly support the work of nonprofit groups doing frontline work in this and other emergencies.

As our initial recipients we have chosen two nonprofit groups involved in New Orleans and the gulf coast region - the NAACP and Food Not Bombs.

Reclaiming is charging no administrative fees for this fund. Your entire donation will go directly to support the work of these groups. Reclaiming is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donations to this fund are tax-deductible. We will acknowledge donations via email. Please email us if you want a printed letter acknowledging your donation.

If you have any questions regarding this fund, please email us.

To make donations via PayPal, click the box below. Donations can also be mailed to Reclaiming, PO Box 1440, San Francisco, CA 94114. Please write "Relief Fund" in the memo line.