The Dolphins

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by Tall Woman

I'm wrestling with a complication of friendship with passion. My body and spirit are responding to a siren call. My heart leads in opposite directions at the same time. The intellect says one way is right. Hmm, how best can these thrilling and treacherous waters be navigated? Tonight the mountain offered help in charting a course. We're near the new moon. There's a storm headed this way. All is in that quivery, dark mood that precedes new moons and storms. It's a great time to turn down into the darkness in search of support. It's one of those nights that metaphysical gravity is at its strongest. I walked out to a remote ridge back through the darkness. Getting there helped synchronize me with the mountain. The calls of owls and close encounters with bats initiated the rhythm for the trance. Small, bright lights danced along the ridges. They're an occasional dark night happening here on the San Andreas Fault. They forecast powerful reveries. When I slipped through the material veil, the mountain drew me down between the plates. They were keeping the rhythm for the lights above. The decent was smooth. Soon I found myself buoyant in cold, briny waters. I floated there alone in the darkness until it seemed my bones would be crushed by the cold. I surrendered to the water. Time passed. A distinctive rhythm of clicks and beeps entered my consciousness. My spirit pirouetted as a dolphin appeared. She was sounding me. Each beep and click infused my soul. I felt her body brush up against my sensibilities. She nudged and bumped me. I could feel the compassion and humor inherent in her spirit. I wanted to play but didn't know how. Then I realized that I was in a dolphin's body too. I followed her and found my own set of clicks and beeps encoded in the form. When I turned them to her, they entered her deepest recesses. The sound echoed back her essence in all its beauty and complexity. I knew her as she knew me. I was entranced by her grace and our mutual vulnerability. Here, complete knowing held no threats. It was embedded in the trust that only full disclosure can give. We came upon the pod. We were engulfed in a chorus of sounds. Each rhythm and tone was unique. They blended, forming a web of knowing and being that embraced us fully. For a moment I felt embarrassed to be so exposed. An elder nudged me. His lightness and humor reflected back in the sounds I sent to him. He laughed at my discomfort as he bumped me into the paths of a pair of cavorting youngsters. I was swept into their play. All was innocence and fun. Tag was our game. When one was touched, we all rolled into each other. We relished the softness of contact even as we scampered off on another race. Our elders held us in the safety of their web of understanding. We were practicing being the best we could be. The game subsided. The dolphin who led me there returned. Our bodies touched as we broke the surface for a breath. She wanted to know what I had absorbed from the game. It was a test. Truth works. It's the only applicable morality. We are all imperfect. We can compensate for our respective inadequacies when they're freely shared and compassionately received. The answers are embedded in the joining of open hearts. The proper course emerges through the act of knowing and being known. Anything that veils the heart will interfere with emergence. Any failure to sound or be sounded will affect the outcome. Passion's place is in the bed of compassion. Without the latter, the former has no place. Properly embedded, passions can be channeled into all manners of creation. The dolphin passed me. She led me back to where we had first encountered one another. She prepared me for her departure. My job was to take the lesson back to the material. The dolphin took her leave with affection. I thanked her. I became aware of a pair of owls calling to one another across the canyon. Consciousness arose of shoulders, back and legs pressed into the cool ridge back. My human body felt energized by the chill. The walk home across the dark mountainside warmed my bones. I had received no preplanned course. The gift was better than that. It was the formula by which a course can always be discovered while moving through life's currents. It's simple. It's the truth.
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