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from Charon

Prepaid ferry fare
across the River Styx!

Just like the B.C. Ferry Corporation, you can pre-arrange a ticket and guarantee a place on the ferry if you arrive 20 minutes before departure. For frequent travellers such as Persephone, Orpheus, Theseus, discount ticket books are available.

If you prepay now, for the next month you will receive a set of 6 FREE STEAK KNIVES (offer void in realms where prohibited). Your business is important to us!

It used to be a penny, that was 3000 years ago. Now its $100 or $251.00 round trip. There is no sliding scale, which is one of the reasons it is called Hell. You can still pay a penny, as long as it is a 3000 year old Greek penny.

One Way: $100.00
Round Trip: $251.00
Book of Ten $1300.00

Travel business class- sit in the bow and be served pomegranates by our friendly and smiling hostesses.. or save money and travel tourist class -below on the rowing deck.

You can prepay, you can do our popular Layaway Plan, or you can run a tab, payable in full on your last journey.

Call now, get your free steak knives, and a lifetime of security. Gift Certificates available. $17.48, $28.50, $63.24 and even $107.34!

Charon Jackson Tel:(604) 746-9451 email

Business Opportunities in our sales department are available. Special MLM division recently created. An underground floor opportunity.

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