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Pagan Cluster Among Those Harassed at SOA

Protesting War and Militarism at School of Americas

Text and Photographs By Barbara J. Graham - Click here to return to SOA story

A Reclaiming Witch holds a corner of the Web of Transformation during the deeply solemn and sad funeral Presente Procession.

Vigilers kneel to write prayers and positive affirmations on the Pagan Cluster's Web of Transformation.

The Corn Puppetistas serendipitously danced and circled around the Pagan Cluster's Web of Transformation. We couldn't have planned that if we'd tried!

Pagan Cluster charging the Web of Transformation during the evening ritual.

It took all hands to attach the Pagan Cluster's Web of Transformation to the gates of Fort Benning.

Magical activism in the making, as a Witch chalks a peace labyrinth near the forming Web of Transformation. Cluster members meditate as other vigilers write prayers.

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