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Teen Earth Magic 2009

Photos by George Franklin, Luke Hauser, Jason Johnson, Jada Faye. Photos copyright 2009 Reclaiming Quarterly.

The Yuba River in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. The river is traditional spawning habitat for the Chinook Salmon. Badly damaged by industrial gold mining upstream, the forks of the Yuba are today blocked by dams which prevent the salmon from returning to their spawning grounds.

Two dozen teens and eight teachers gathered in the Sierra foothills for Teen Earth Magic 2009.

Team games helped build the group.

Trust exercises took the work deeper.

During a break, campers organized a massage spiral.

We are a circle, within a circle.

Teen Earth Magic 2009 teaching team:
Front row: Riyana, Jason Scarecrow, Seneca, Aaron
Back row: George, Jude, Abel, Allison

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You can help make this dream real! Your support of Teen Earth Magic can make a big difference in bring our youth together. Please support our teen's retreat by donating today!

For more information, contact George or Riyana,

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Luke Hauser (aka George Franklin) is a freelance parajournalist in the service of the Goddess and planetary revolution. His photo-filled book Direct Action is an historical novel about Bay Area protests.
Photos 2009 by RQ. Please do not copy, reproduce, fold, spindle, mutilate, or otherwise use them without written permission. Thanks!

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